Tuesday, September 3, 2013



The Dredge though originally designed for river dredging in the USA is being modified for use in the jungles of West Africa. Tiehnpo plans to modify the Dredge by building an all aluminum working platform, walk ways, outboard motor mounts, two 40hp outboard engines, GPS, depth finder, hot water heater for wet suits, on board spiral and Jig classifier, riffles, new suction hoses, two way communication, diving lights, and toilet.


The Dredge also requires that the engine and pump to be gone through and readied for the next 200 day mining season.
Tiehnpo Resources plans to use the 10 inch Super dredge (the “Dredge”) as the sole dredging equipment for the Project. The dredge is simple, efficient, site specific and conservatively rated to handle 50 cubic meters of material per hour. It consists of a platform built on aluminum pontoons, a 167 hp diesel engine,  one (1) 3500 GPM Berkley water pump, and a 25ft long sluice box for recovery.  It employs only tried and proven technology, is constructed from industrial grade components, and is very reliable.  It is extremely easy to operate, is almost maintenance free, and will operate at depths of 30ft to 40ft with maximum suction where the highest gold values are recovered. 
Tiehnpo Resources plans to ship the 10 inch Super dredge ( "Lucky Lady") to River Cess, Liberia for the 2013-14 Season. Work will continue 8 hours per day, six days per week (weather permitting).  A labor intensive operation is expected requiring divers to take 3hr shift rotations.  The production estimate allows for time lost during start up, shift change, and shut down each day, and for any scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  With the Lucky Lady (Dredge) processing 400 cubic meters per day and assuming a conservative half gram of gold per cubic meter, anticipated daily production would average approximately 200 grams or (6.4 ounces Au).

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